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Signage Design System

I was tasked with the project to create a design system for a number of in-restaurant posters, merchandiser inserts, and other signage within the lobby of Red Robin restaurants. The overall design needed to be flexible enough to version out multiple pieces of different sizes with various information. The design also needed to remain eye catching, but also very clean as the client was worried about their already very busy lobbies. I created this concept of "the dot". Red Robin's core branding is very focused on circles. They are usually incorporated in a much smaller way, but the idea behind this concept is that all important information will live within the large dot. The large dot will draw your attention into the information almost as if it's a bullseye. The background will remain one solid brand color of choice. Background color can be chosen simply to add variety to what is already in the lobby, but is also intended to allow designers to use colors associated with each topic such as our brand yellow for all information pertaining to "Bottomless" information. 

Below are a few examples of how the design system was blown out into actual signage produced for restaurant lobbies.

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