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Dive Bar Tour

Coming out of the pandemic in 2021, Integer believed things would start getting back to normal and we would be able to do a company wide dive bar tour in an effort to raise spirits. The creatives of the agency were given the opportunity to create a theme and design around this Dive Bar Tour. Below is the concept I presented to the company including the event name
"Better Together", a logo design, poster designs, a drink token design,
and designs for recommended merchandise such as a tank top, tote bag,
and sticker.



Playful colors, peace signs, palm trees blowing in the wind and all messages centered around coming together.​

The hippy beach bum esthetic embodies a fun, summer lovin’ vibe. This look and feel is approachable for those that have been living in sweatpants for the last year and aren’t quite ready to give up their casual comfort for socialization. 

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