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Chris & Amber


Getting to photograph a good friend's wedding is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Being able to join along in all the festivities of the day and be such a big role on their day filled me with so much joy.

Chris and Amber created a day full of fun, love and partying!!

We started the morning in a beautiful home large enough for the ladies to get all gussied up and looking gorgeous. This provided me the opportunity to capture a few photographs of the bride's thoughtful details and of course some stunning portraits of the glowing bride herself.

The day moved quickly as we rushed to the church where Chris and Amber had an intimate first look and tied the knot in a beautiful church.

There is no doubt this couple loves to be surrounded by their loving friends and family as immediately following the ceremony we took off for the iconic Sioux Fall falls. Here is where the partying began! This bridal party fell straight from heaven and truly participated in all the crazy shenanigans I asked of them. Photographs warmed this party up for a hollerin' good time on the party bus as we made our way around town, stopped at a local bar, and arrived at the reception. Drinks in hand, the bridal party made an entrance to remember, and the Bride and Groom were welcomed by all their friends and family to a night of food, drinks and dancing!

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