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Hannah & Chris

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Okay guys, I'm SOOOOO behind on all my blogging. I need to blog about my clients, I need to blog about my travels, I need to blog about tips to make your life easier!! But for now...I'll start here... with Hannah & Chris's love story.

Hannah reached out to me with a strong plan for their big day. Something special, unique, and completely their own! She was not going to succumb to the standards of society, and from there I was sold. She and Chris put together an intimate day filled with friends, fun and laughter. They rented a small AirBnB to get ready in, used a family property in the beautiful foothills for their ceremony, and took the party on over to their parent's cabin for a night of good food and dancing! Check out the photos below of their beautiful day!

You could seriously see the joy and love in Chris's face as he saw his gorgeous bride for the first time that day.

Hannah and Chris surrounded themselves with their closest friends. You could tell by their giddy, ready to party attitudes, how much they all cared for each other.

It looked a bit stormy right before the ceremony but it held out! To top of the entire intimate feel of the day, Hannah's father officiated the ceremony.

After the ceremony we all made a short trip over to Hannah's parent's cabin tucked away in the foothills near Evergreen, CO. This was an amazingly cute, little venue for their personal reception. Hannah and Chris further broke the mold by having a pot luck dinner! This was so fun, and family members brought DELICIOUS homemade favorites! I had never seen a pot luck reception before, but it fit perfectly for them and was yet another personal touch to be eating family favorites on their big day.

The rain did not stay away as we all hoped. It started pouring just before dinner. Luckily multiple guests has brought umbrella's and the cabin had a deck and we were able to dance the night away under cover.


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